Matryoshka "New Year tree" (3 dolls)

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Matryoshka "New Year tree" (3 dolls)
Country of Origin : Россия

Material: birch/linden 
Size: height of the tallest doll - 12,5 cm, width  - 6 cm.

Matryoshka with unconventional original painting consisting of 3 dolls with New Year's theme "Christmas tree, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden" are the main symbols of the Christmas holidays. A great New Year gift for friends and family. The green Christmas tree is sprinkled with snow, decorated with a golden garland and colorful balls. Smiling Santa Claus holds a bag with gifts in his hand. Inside is a beautiful Snow Maiden or a surprise - a little snowman.

Лариса Белоус, 30.12.2018
Прекрасный новогодний подарок!
Заказала дважды несколько, получила все прекрасно исполненные, подаркам были рады!
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