If you are looking where to order Khokhloma at the best price -  you've found what you need! On this page of our site you will learn detailed terms of how to order Khokhloma of our production.

Conditions of purchase Khokhloma under the order

Today you can order Khokhloma on the following conditions:

  • Orders are accepted from 50$
  • Minimum order of spoons – 30pcs. one of a kind, spatulas - from 20pcs. one of a kind. The number of spoons and spatulas must be a multiple of 10 (Packed in 10pcs.)
  • Minimum order of dolls, plates, cups, bread baskets, salt-cellars, etc. for some items as limited - 2pcs. one of a kind.
  • The minimum possible consignment of each item is written in the description, be careful. Also, the minimum order for each item is more precisely specified in our price list ( DOWNLOAD PRICE TO KHOKHLOMA ). If the cell "Minimum order" is empty, than means that the order for this item is from 1 piece. (unlimited).

Attention! For wholesale orders Khokhloma we provide good discount!

To buy wooden utensils, as well as to clarify any information or ask questions — contact us via the "Contacts"section.

How to buy Khokhloma under the order

To buy Khokhloma under the order on the website hohloms.ru you need:

  • Choose a section of the online store, then the item that interests you
  • In "Quantity" column specify the quantity of the item and click on the icon "add To cart", then in the upper right corner under "Your purchases" there will be information about the number of items in the cart and the amount in dollars.
  • To order, click on the icon "Checkout" in the upper right corner of the window, which opens the section "Your purchases", where you check the number of products ordered and the total amount in dollars
  • If all data is right click "Checkout"
  • In column "Address" you must fill all fields and specify the shipping address, then confirm the order

That’s all! Your order of Khokhloma products is sent. Our Manager will contact You on these contacts and specify the conditions of payment and delivery.

Also to order our Khokhloma products you can simply call +79200280846 or through e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , listing the positions that interest you.