Delivery of matryoshkas abroad (except for the CU and the CIS)

Delivery to foreign countries is carried out through Russian Post, EMS and DHL to any city in any country of the world. We deliver large orders by dedicated transport with customs clearance by our own forces (the buyer clears the cargo). We prepare all the documents (customs declarations, accompanying documents, certificates and licenses, supporting letters and invoices) for sending the parcel ourselves. The cost of delivery by the cheapest method will be approximately from$ 15 to 25% of the total amount of your order, the delivery time by the cheapest method will be from 7 to 30 days. A tracking number is issued for each parcel immediately after sending.

Since 2019, the rules of customs clearance have changed, all parcels are sent as "goods", we recommend checking the availability of additional duties from your postal service or customs. The cost of delivery to each country and for each order is calculated individually and is included in the prepayment amount for the goods. To send the goods after placing an order, please write to us by email in English in the following format address: Country, City, Full name, Address, Index.

Payment in cash (by card, by transfer)

You can pay for your order as an individual (payment to a Sberbank, VTB card, payment by Western Union, Golden Crown, Contact, Fast and Furious mail, payment via PayPal). Discounts apply when paying using this method.действуют скидки.

By wire transfer to the account of our organization.

You can also pay for your order as a legal entity when ordering for an amount of 100 $ or more (payment to the settlement account of our organization). If necessary, we will conclude a contract with you and send an invoice for payment by bank transfer, we can send an invoice-contract.

Online payment

You can pay for the order online with a bank card or other suitable online payment method. To do this, select the "Online payment" option when placing an order (the commission will be 5%).You can pay for the order online with a bank card or other suitable online payment method. To do this, select the "Online payment" option when placing an order (the commission will be 5%).

Guarantees and Refunds
Terms of return

Even if you change your mind, we always go to a meeting!

Please notify us about the decision to return the product within 14 days after receiving the order.

The product must be intact, without traces of operation, in the package and with documents. Return delivery is carried out at the expense of the buyer.

Do you think that the product is defective?

Take a picture of the damage. Describe the problem in the letter, attach photos to it and send it to us by mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We will consider your claim as soon as possible and will definitely solve any problem that has arisen in a pleasant way for you! In this case, all expenses are guaranteed at our expense.

Packaging and safety of products during transportation

The products are put in bags, and then packed together in a box. If possible, our packers lay the products additionally (cardboard, various soft filler), but, unfortunately, because the products are quite fragile, a fight, although rare, happens. In order to save the cargo 100%, we advise you to indicate when ordering that you need a crate (or a pallet board, if it is available from this TC) if the optravka is through the TC and an additional one. the service "fragile cargo" if sent by mail/EMS/DHL. At the same time, we guarantee 100% safety of the cargo, but if something is damaged, we will compensate 100% of the cost or replace the broken product at our own expense! When sending without a crate, a pallet board and the indication "fragile cargo", we take part of the fault of careless carriers on ourselves and also compensate 50% of the cost of broken or damaged products. As a rule, the second option (50% compensation) is more profitable, because combat is very rare, and the crate/pallet board/ "fragile cargo" increase the cost of delivery, but the choice is always yours!