Matryoshka "Lamb" (5 dolls)

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Matryoshka "Lamb" (5 dolls)
Country of Origin : Россия

Material: birch/linden 
Size: height of the tallest doll - 9,5 cm, width  - 5,5 cm.

The height of the largest doll is 10cm, diameter is 5.5cm. Wide-open, clear eyes, bright shades, stunning floral ornament - all this is part of Russian culture, where a wide soul is glad to everyone, where every guest is accepted as a member of the family. A great gift for any occasion.

Лариса Белоус, 30.12.2018
Милая, доброе личико, очень красивый орнамент.
Прекрасная заготовка, роспись и лак. Рекомендую!
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