Wooden tablespoon without painting (composite spoon)

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Wooden tablespoon without painting ia made of two wod pieces.
Multiplicity : 10
Country of Origin : Россия

Wooden table spoon (half-bevel) without painting (linen) hempel

Hemp spoon is made in the following way: cuttings are made separately, scoops are made separately, then all this is dried and docked using a special method of spiking and gluing. Only then does the spoon go into grinding, where it gets its final shape and smoothness. Thanks to the subdivision of operations for the handle and scoop, the hemp spoon looks a little more delicate than the fraser and has sharper shapes.

However, if the spoon is docked, this does not mean that it is less durable. The handle and the scoop have a special fastening system (thorn), and are also glued with a special high-strength wood glue. And, even if there are single defective specimens, then they are found during grinding, since a huge load is applied to it when grinding a spoon. Moreover, when the spoon is painted and varnished, the difference between them is almost completely invisible.

Material: birch
Size: length - 19 cm, width of scoop - 6 cm.

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