Biscuit bowl "Khokholoma Bell"

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Biscuit bowl "Khokholoma Bell"
Country of Origin : Россия

Size: 30сm х 19сm., depth - 0,5сm

The graceful shape and bright colors of the Bell Biscuit seem to have been created specifically to be admired! But its beautiful appearance is not its only advantage. Do you want to give your friend a comfortable and original item? Buy a biscuit is what you need! It is also worth thinking about such an acquisition for your home: a cracker will decorate your kitchen and will certainly come in handy on the farm. Despite its name, this product can be used not only for storing crackers. You can put sweets for tea drinking in it (cookies, sweets, gingerbread) or serve light snacks on it. In any case, buying a biscuit, especially such a beautiful one, is definitely the right decision.

We also offer a wide range of other types of Khokhloma dishes: plates, cups, cutting boards, herring holders, etc.

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